At Magick Beans our focus has been to take elite cuts and improve them, but now our mission is to take our favorite crosses and work them further down the line, as well as a project that will involve bringing in a stunning Kundoz Afghani male which will be the only F1s we will be releasing again. Coming this summer: Dire Wolf F2, Lime Light F2, Peanut Butter Patties F2, Coco Diaz F3, ChemD Bx, Key Lime Pie Bx, Triangle Kush Bx!! Stay tuned!!

Verified Cultivars

Over the past 7 years, we have acquired an extensive library of verified authentic genetics. So much effort was put into collecting all of these cuts over the years that we have used in sincere efforts of improving the mothers. With the males we have utilized, we have succeeded in most of our projects. We focus primarily on terpene production in our breeding methods. Vigor, structure and frosty characteristics are just a bonus when we find them. We are all about the flavor profile. 

Organically Grown

Magick Beans cultivates all of our plants in living soil with natural and organic inputs as well as beneficial biology to provide the healthiest seeds with a %100 germination rate. Any seeds that do not germinate, if taken the proper measure, will be replaced. 

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I have grown cannabis for the last 12 years in Oregon indoors, greenhouses and outside. I've used many methods over the yrs and can offer some assistance where its needed. I am totally honest in my capabilities and my prices reflect that. If you need help improving your garden, give me a call. 🙏 

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